Corporate Members are the nationally based trade associations and organizations engaged in the commercial dairy value chain in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Membership is by institution, not by individual, with an institutional representative designated to participate and make decisions on its behalf. Each Corporate member has one vote and the designated representative shall be allowed to hold elected office in ESADA. Once in elected office, the individual holds the office, not the registered institution.

Member institutions (associations, related agencies, organizations) must be an institution in good standing, legally registered, and truly representative of its sector. Companies and Cooperatives engaged in commercial value chain, but without national associations, or not members of existing national associations, may join ESADA directly as corporate members but have no individual voting rights and are not eligible to hold office (but may be co-opted onto committees)

ESADA is founded, held in trust and governed by the Corporate Members and all services are focused on their needs and requirements.

This category is for those who do not qualify to join ESADA’s Corporate Membership. The category is open to internationally, regionally, and nationally based organizations, related agencies, and ancillary companies.


  • Receive updates on the African Dairy Sector
  • Access the E-Resource
  • Promote your company
  • Get discounts to attend ESADA activities e.g. conference, training, trade missions

How to become a member

To join ESADA, simply register here or you can fill out the form available below and send it to the ESADA Secretariat ( with the appropriate member dues and start enjoying ESADA's members’ benefits and services.